Configuring ZCard and ZCal on an Android device

ZCard syncs contact data between your Android device and any number of Zimbra servers.

Adding Accounts:
  1. Navigate to Settings, then click "Add Account" under the "Accounts and Sync" section
  2. A list of available account types on your device is displayed. Touch ZCard
  3. Enter your server's host name, and the email address and password for your account.
  4. If your server uses a self-signed certificate, a dialog will pop up asking you to accept the certificate.
  5. Click Sign in to add the account. You can repeat this process to add multiple accounts.
  6. Once the account is added successfully, ZCard will appear as an available account type under "Accounts"
  7. Account Added
Sync Settings Touch ZCard under accounts to change ZCard's sync settings.
  • Sync Type: Both, server to device or device to server
  • Sync Interval: Frequency between syncs. Lower intervals use more battery.
  • Sync conflicts: Determines the edit that should take precedence when a contact is modified simultaneously on the device and on the server.
  • Wi-Fi Only: If checked, syncs will happen only when the device is connected to a wireless network.
  • GAL Sync: If checked, the server's Global Address List will be synced with the device under a group with the same name, so you can look up GAL contacts from any app on your device
  • Sync Tags: When checked, tagged contacts will be added to a group of the same name on the device