• We Build Apps
    We Build Apps
    that Sync Contacts, Calendars, Tasks and Briefcases between Zimbra servers and Android devices
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    Meldmail Messenger
    Email @ the speed of text. Connect with friends instantly and filter out spammers quickly.
  • WordPress apps
    WordPress apps
    Convert your wordpress site to android apps in minutes. Improve customer engagement and retention.
  • We Convert Your Ideas
    We Convert Your Ideas
    to beautifully crafted, innovative and functional apps

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Mobile Apps

Smartphone Apps

We are a Canadian team of software developers passionate about making technology work for you. Our focus is on developing engaging and intuitive apps that boost your productivity and efficiency, all delivered in a timely manner.


Custom App Development

We help organizations, businesses and individuals take their ideas from conception to implementation. Our apps are timely, cost effective, and are focused on empowering you and your customers.

WordPress Apps

WordPress Websites to Apps

With more than 60 million websites serving over 15 billion pages each month, WordPress is the world’s leading online publishing platform. At Appsropos, we can take your WordPress site to the next level by transforming it into a rich and functional mobile app quickly and efficiently. We’ll help you gain a decisive edge on your competition by attracting and connecting customers to your branded products.Contact us today to learn more about how our software and services can leverage the power and popularity of WordPress to accelerate your business by increasing customer retention and lowering your operating costs.

Our Apps

  • Awesome effective app. Responsive developer. This app is the best contacts sync for Zimbra full stop. It is sturdy and reliable. Developer responds effectively, and like wildfire, and is constantly improving it.

  • ... Better than original WordPress app. 🙂

  • Tested on Wiko Cink Slim and Zimbra of Web4all. No problem. This application delivers on its promise: rapid installation and configuration. operational in less than 1 minute. It allows sync contacts but mainly select address books and groups. What I could not do in push mode.

  • Works as advertised.... Works exactly as I needed it to. I had a persistent voice-mail notification that wouldn't clear without the use of this app.

  • I recomend for all zimbra administrators. This app makes easy the server monitiring, mainly because of the monitoring alerts.

  • Beautiful and functional! I use Zimbra Collaboration Server – Open Source Edition and this app connects and works flawlessly.

  • What a find! I stumbled across this app purely by chance but could have been happier. I run a one server Zimbra 8 installation for my office and ZadmiN works perfectly for all the quick day to day admin and the ability to monitor server status has been a big timesaver, allowing me to catch downtime before anyone else notices - even when I'm not at my desk

  • Manage with speed !! Faster access even compare to the originally zimbra web based admin control. Great app 🙂

  • Just what I was looking for This app looks soo good. Just top of the line. Works well with my fully up to date Zimbra 8.0.4_GA_5737 Samsung Galaxy S4 MF9. The Widget looks really clean. Even better I can simply tap a task on the widget an mark complete or edit it. By far the best Zimbra Tasks app. I wouldn't change a thing.

  • Application extra super and super lightweight.