Questions That Make a Difference Every Day

Addressing behaviors that we know are important can have a profound impact on our lives, businesses and families. With that said they are easy to neglect.

We would like to share a process (via iChangeMe) that is incredibly practical and efficient, it does a wonderful job of keeping what is most important to you front and center.

This process provides you with an exercise that:

  • takes less than two minutes a day
  • costs nothing 
  • and will help you get better at almost anything.

It extremely simple to understand and very difficult to do.

50% of you will quit after 2 weeks – not because it doesn’t work – but because it does because ... you don’t have time to get better!

We have started you off with a few questions which you can select or discard – they are:

Did I do my best to ...:

  • Set clear goals?
  • Make progress toward goal achievement?
  • Be happy?
  • Find meaning?
  • Build positive relationships?
  • Be fully engaged?

We also allow you to make notes on what you did well and what you might do better tomorrow.

It is important that you develop a list of questions that you feel will have significant impact on your life, business, family etc. now and in the future.

It could be related to communication, health, time management, engagement, relationships core values alignment, etc.

Try it out. Write the questions that you should ask yourself every day. Even the process of writing questions will help you better understand your own values and how you live or don’t live them on a daily basis.

If you choose to connect with one of our coaches they are able to provide you with ongoing support in your self-improvement journey.